jamie lerner





flexibility, strength, alignment, cardio fitness, core power

in the hamptons

long island, new york





in-home private training solo, semi-private, small groups


group studio classes spacious, light-filled studio

overlooking the heart of East Hampton village



 “Jamie pays attention.  She pays attention to me

and my challenges, new developments in the world

of exercise and to total fitness.  Working out with

Jamie gives me strength of body, mind and spirit.

She never sacrifices one for the other.  She devotes her

energy to lifting those around her to new levels of

achievement with knowledge, personal attention,

and humor.  People tell me I’m looking good.

I say thank you Jamie.”

-- Toni Ross, Nick and Toni’s Restaurant




“Jamie is the best trainer available today on the East End and one of the top in the NYC area…excels both in class and private training…with patience, energy, flexibility, enthusiasm and humor.  Anybody fortunate enough to train with Jamie will experience a life change…both physically and mentally.”

-- Elizabeth Peabody, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center








offers an unmatched opportunity for individual attention and progress.



Text Box: “The weakest link had been my posture…Since Jamie…I am cognizant of where I am in space…This new posture helps my marathon runs…Jamie’s training is based on her knowledge of anatomy and physiology and not on jargon from cyberspace pieced together from the Internet.”  
-- June O’Reilly, DDSNamed “Best Female Private Trainer in the Hamptons for 3 consecutive years by Dan’s Papers, Jamie maintains a year-round practice in the Hamptons .  Her client population includes both men and women, and has ranged in age from pre-pubescents to the frail elderly and from one-time vacationing visitors to those who commit to 5 sessions per week.  The specifics of the workouts vary widely according to clients’ needs, priorities, abilities and goals.  Jamie is known for her responsiveness, versatility, commitment, ability to overcome obstacles, and careful attention to detail – as well as for her clients’ results.



Text Box: “…a series of abdominal exercises that changed the shape of my body…”
-- Michael Sporn, attorney                                                   


                       Additional options include aqua fitness in your pool, beach sessions, and outdoor power walks.


Contact Jamie to discuss your private training program.







Classes are offered year-round at The Body Shop,

26 Newtown Lane in East Hampton, above the Eileen Fisher boutique.  

Enter at back of building through the garden and up the stairs.


  JAMIE'S SCHEDULE at The Body Shop:










8:30 am

Core  Plus

Cardio Styles


Core Plus™

Cardio Styles

Core Plus™


9:00 am














NOTE:  Monday Night Dance has been discontinued for the time being due to a change of schedule at the studio. 

Check back soon to see if/when the class will resume.



                                         SUMMER 2014 RATES:

Text Box: “…her classes are more challenging, yet safer, and exercise the brain as well as the body…I leave feeling invigorated and alive!” 
– Sarnell Ogus,
Alexander Technique master instructorsingle class:  $25

5-class series:  $115

10-class series:  $200

New option: 

The Body Shop 10-class series, $200

includes Jamie's classes and all yoga classes


Semi-private classes are also offered at HARBOR STUDIO in Springs.

Maximum 4 people per class. 

Book one class or a series for your own group,

or join an ongoing group as space allows.


Classes and workshops are held at other locations from time to time.  Call or email for details, or check back here soon.








 CORE PLUS™    Strengthen all the major muscle groups specifically, using free weights where appropriate, with emphasis on alignment, balance, core power, breath control and balanced muscle development.  


 CORE POWER™  Strength training for the abdominal, lower back, buttock and thigh muscles, with focus on alignment, flexibility, and balance.    


 CARDIO STYLES   An aerobic dance-style workout, moving to a great variety of handpicked music including latin, funk, hip hop, African, rock, pop, gospel and soul.  Unlike spinning, running, or military-style workouts, you'll find a wide directional range of movement and non-linear mind/body training. Don't knowwhat all that means?  Just ask!  The cardio is not too complicated for most people to follow; no dance background needed. Concludes with abdominal strength training and stretch.  Have fun working out!


STABILITY BALL  The ball provides unique opportunities to improve strength, balance, agility and coordination.  Because it is inherently unstable, we learn to recruit muscles symmetrically and dramatically improve core power and control.


ZUMBA  A cardio dance class using Latin music and movement styles.


CARDIO-MUSCULAR   Brief intervals of cardio (see above) alternating with upper body weight training.  Class concludes with abdominal strength training.    The benefits of interval training along with an excellent opportunity to become familiar with cardio dance in shorter segments. 

Text Box:  “Jamie has motivated me, entertained me, and taught
me more in one year than I had learned in ten.” 
– Miranda Book, 

JAZZ-FUNK-HIPHOP  Warm-up, stretch, brief abdominal training, then the choreography is taught step by step.  By the end of class, you’re dancing the whole combination.  Emphasis on fun.


STRETCH/ALIGNMENT  Loosen joints, lengthen muscles, release tension, improve posture, develop awareness and control of breath.  By identifying the physical habits that create problems for you, you can move toward less physical restriction and a body that looks and feels better.  Relax, refresh, enjoy.


MONDAY NIGHT DANCE (a.k.a. DANCE BREAK)  Kick-start your week!  Hip hop, salsa, lyrical jazz, gospel, funk -- lots of dance and music styles.  Short sequences of choregraphy, different every week.  Wear dance footwear, or indoor-only sneakers, or go barefoot.  Donation-based class.








Appearance, functional ability, and well-being are improved byText Box: “Jamie is on the cutting edge at the same time as she refrains from the merely faddish...”
– Virginia Tiger, PhD increasing muscle strength and tone, developing flexibility and improving alignment and balance.  By increasing kinesthetic awareness – our sense of what’s taking place in our bodies at each moment, in each specific area – we vastly improve our ability to make conscious choices about how we sit, stand, move, live.  Emphasis on core strength, breath control, and kinesthetic awareness leads to greater agility, grace and power.









Jamie has been teaching classes and training clients on the East End since 1992.  She studied modern, ballet, ethnic and jazz dance techniques for seventeen years in New York, Boston and San Francisco, and received professional theater Text Box: “My body, mind and soul have been renewed
because of Jamie!” – Maryann Campo, owner M Salontraining in the MFA program at Brandeis University and at The American Center for the Performing Arts, where her studies included commedia del arte, maskwork, clowning, mime, fencing, Alexander, Feldenkrais, and movement-based theater improvisation techniques.  She was movement coach for Collaboration Theater Co. and choreographed for theater in New York and elsewhere, and has been a practitioner of aerobics and strength training since 1980.  Her familiarity with yoga and Pilates also informs her work.  With this extensive and varied background in movement systems and philosophies as well as contemporary fitness practice, Jamie has developed an approach that is widely adaptive.  She believes in the ability and the right of all individuals to get happier with the bodies they’re in, and takes pride in having remarkably diverse student and client populations.  The creator of Teen Funk™ and KAT: Kinesthetic Awareness Training,™ Jamie has helped hundreds of people look, feel, and move better.






631-604-1462 or 631-377-2189